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Why give back?

Stephanie Usen, GLC Founder

Stephanie Usen, Founder

­With so many different ways to give back, we’re grateful you’re considering us. We believe that a donation to Global Life Changers allows you to have an especially powerful impact.


Because resolving our biggest challenges and achieving our greatest possibilities will require us to use the best we’ve got, ensuring that our children are educated equitably is one of the surest paths towards a better future.


For a long time, great minds have been deprived of important learning opportunities for no good reasons. But now, we are finding ways to bring those who have been left out back in – and to ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve at the highest level.


When we include everyone, we assure that no talent is wasted – that everyone’s intellectual and creative abilities are put to good use; and our schools, our nation, and our world are thereby improved, for ourselves and for our children.


Identifying children and young people who are first generation to access schools and training means that we are constantly seeking strategies to encourage and support those who have the potential to succeed. GLC will identify children who are not privileged and provide access and opportunity. Our Nations leaders will not all come from predictable families, ethnic/religious backgrounds or neighbourhoods.


How many children who are missing out would you like us to find this year?

Stephanie Aminiye Usen – Founder