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A Cup a Day

Posted on the 04 February, 2013 at 1:13 pm Written by in Blog, News

Global Life Changers wants to bring education to disadvantaged children and young persons in the Niger Delta and when looking at how we can do this effectively we discovered that when children are not healthy, they cannot stay in school. It was when we discovered this that ‘A Cup a Day’ was born.

A Cup a Day’ is a collaborative initiative we have launched that aims to provide impoverished children with a cup of milk a day.

For 12 pence a day we provide orphaned students and schoolchildren from poor families with a cup of milk. This will go towards keeping them healthy and ensuring they have had something nutritious each day.

If the children can keep as healthy as possible it will mean they have a better chance of attending school and receiving the vital education that could help them to a better life.

Children from the orphanage getting their ‘Cup a Day’

Children from the orphanage getting their ‘Cup a Day’

Why Milk?

Milk is what experts call ‘a nutrient dense food’ which means it offers a large amount of nutrients that are vital for growth. It is a good source of protein, zinc and vitamins A, B2 and B12, and also contributes to the intake of iodine, niacin and B6.

As we know, it is also rich in calcium, which children need for strong bones. A third of a pint of milk provides half the daily recommended amount of calcium a child aged four to six years needs.

This might be a small addition to their lunch but it is a giant step towards alleviating malnutrition.

GLC Representatives handing out the milk

GLC Representatives handing out the milk


You can help us continue to provide a child with their ‘Cup a Day’. This could be a one off donation or on a regular basis, every month. Any amount you can spare can help us keep this initiative going.

Also, if you are in a position to donate dairy products or volunteer on the project then please get in touch.

'A Cup a Day’ being enjoyed!

‘A Cup a Day’ being enjoyed!