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Welcome to our site!

We’re a non-profit organisation bringing education, healthcare, food and safe drinking water to disadvantaged children and young persons in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria.

Proud to be members of

Proud members of

We are staffed by volunteers so all your donations directly fund our various projects.

A Cup a Day’ is a collaborative initiative we have launched that aims to provide impoverished children with a cup of milk a day.

For 12 pence a day we provide orphaned students and schoolchildren from poor families with a cup of milk. This will go towards keeping them healthy and ensuring they have had something nutritious each day.

We need your help

Global Life Changers values both the time and commitment from all our volunteers and supporters. They are an essential part of our organisation, providing us with a wide range of skills.  We would not be able to function without their support.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for GLC. Volunteers are an important part of GLC as they provide extra hands to help us achieve our aims. Your input enables us to do tasks and activities that might otherwise not be possible. By doing things for GLC you become a visible advocate for the charity.

To volunteer for us, please download and fill our application form and email to, or upload it using our contact form. We will be in touch soon.

Our Application Form

We need help from people like you!

Use your skills to shape a world where children are safe, healthy and educated.

Sporting Events for Fundraising

Organise a running, swimming, cycling, canoeing or rafting event and get sponsored. Holding a sporting event in your local area is a fantastic way to keep fit, raise money for GLC and have fun!

For information on how you can support GLC through organising an event, contact us here.

Find out more about what we are doing at GLC and see how YOU can help change lives today!